Bath microchip designer and manufacturer Picochip was founded in 2000 in Bath and  employ around 100 people, mostly working on sophisticated world class digital communications chips that are revolutionising mobile communications. Think of the complexity of rooms full of telecoms equipment in an old BT building fitting on a single chip and made wireless and you start to get the picture.

They were bought by US semi-conductor firm Mindspeed  in 2012.

Picochip confirmed that this would not result in any operations being moved out of Bath.

Its vice-president said: “What we’ve got here in Bath are some of the most experienced, talented and skilled engineers in the world and that’s what Mindspeed are buying”.

Raouf Halim, CEO of Mindspeed, said: “Our acquisition of Picochip establishes our position as a global leader in wireless infrastructure semiconductor solutions for next generation mobile broadband communications. It is a great strategic fit.”