Buro Happold

When Ted Happold and friends founded Buro Happold  from a small townhouse in Bath back in 1976, their vision was to create buildings and environments that pushed engineering industry boundaries while touching the earth lightly.

More than thirty years on, the engineering consultancy still remains true to these aims with offices around the globe delivering innovative and inspiring solutions for the built environment that tackle key issues facing our planet now and in the future; resource shortage, increasing urbanisation and carbon emissions.

Whether it’s assessing potential strategies to reduce the social, environmental and financial impact of natural disasters such as Hurricane Sandy or earthquake risk in the Middle East  to designing Europe’s best urban design school in Scotland, Buro Happold’s engineers seem to have the solutions; you just need to show them the problem…

Their work is world class and ranges from great projects in the UK like the Millenium Dome/O2 Arena and the 2012 Olympic Stadium to universities, museums and airports all over the world. They bring  expertise in structures, lighting, safety, transport and on…

Aviva Stadium over the houses 4 T

… it all started in Bath (and its heart truly remains here)